Click Text on Web Page based on user input

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I’m using an InputDialog box to get specific text from the user which is stored as a string variable which I then want it to find on a specific web page and click on that text as it will be a link. The links will be structured data but I’m guessing that’s not important if I want it to read the entire page. I’ve tried Click Text but I must not have the Selector provisioned. Any ideas?

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First thing you can use UiExplorer and point to a sample link to see the attribute that holds the text you want to be dynamic, then post that here and we can help you to build yours.

Thanks! I made a sample that models what I’m trying to do.

  • Dialog box asks for name of bike website. User enters “
  • Open browser goes to a google search for “bikes” results page.
  • Walmart is the first result, but I want the robot to find the link that has “” in it, which in this case is the second link.Sample.xaml (8.4 KB)

ok, dont you want then to do the search like this instead?

What I provided was just an example of how I wanted the bot to find the text (variable defined by user) on the page and click on it. I will be using this on a different site but the data is structured similarly.

oh ok, so you want a way to click a link that has the text the user provide or the url the user provides?

Yes, click on the link that has the text.

you will need a normal click with a selector like:
<webctrl aaname='*{{listName}}*' parentid='rso' tag='H3' />

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