Click single doesn't work

Hello friends,
@rkelchuri, @Ninett_Panfir, @Rammohan91, @balupad14, @Florent_Salendres, @ClaytonM
I need to click on a box wiht the following selector.

Tha bot performs the click and it makes the box checked.
Before performing the other step, it unchecks the box.
How does it happen?
Thank you so much,
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Hi @CamiCat,

Click did not work because the checkbox is already checked and bot is clicking again and makes it unchecked.

So, If it is a check box, using “Check” activity will be the best solution. You can mentioned whether you need to check/uncheck.


Thank you so much @Vivek_Arunagiri.
I tried it with this selector but doesn’t work.
Cna you please help me?
Thank you,

  • In selector editor, click “Open in UiExplorer” in the left bottom of window.
  • Deselect class and aaname attributes.
  • Select other attributes whichever you feel it will be static and reliable.
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Thank you so much @Vivek_Arunagiri.
I tried your solution but disn’t work.
Maybe that element isn’t supported for the Check activity?
HAve you got other options?
Thank you so mcuh,

Hi @CamiCat,

Create one variable & store your selector in that variable.
Then in click activity you can give that variable name.
It will work.

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Thank you so much @varunk.
Are you referring to thre problem of performing the double click intead of the single click?
Thank you,

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Can you please send screenshot of all the attributes by opening the UiExplorer for that checkbox. ?

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Hello @Vivek_Arunagiri,
the selector on which I’m working is:

<html title='Mastercom' />
<webctrl isleaf='1' tableCol='1' tag='DIV' class='x-grid3-row-checker' />

How you got any idea on how to solve the problem?
Thank you so much,
Cami :slight_smile: