Not able to click on checkbox

I am not able to click on checkbox when I try to click getting error mention in attachment

As in the screenshot, you need to give th find element tag to find “Manual Check” , but I don’t understand why you give the select . I hope it is not in the drop down :slight_smile:

Direct click will work to check the check box @Aditya10989 .Please try that

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hello @Aditya10989

have you tried to use check activity instead click.
try it might work for you


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@ajju thanks for help I check this but not work

@lakshman can you please help


here is clear example, I want to check the checkbox which is left side of the text there ,


So, I’m using anchor base and changing the position to right as in the screenshot

Then using find element in the anchor place and finding whether the text is available in the position or not using find element as in the screenshot :slight_smile:


If the element is recognized, then using click activity to click the check box

Hope this is clear to you

let me know if you have any doubts. I’m asking you denote in the find element the text Manual check in the first screenshot you posted

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@HareeshMR I try this but not work after 30 sec got error

@HareeshMR thanks its work

@Aditya10989, glad you got it :slight_smile:

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