Click selector not working, Need help

This is the selector i have been used r: “, i tried even ”.

"Click: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selecto, I m having this problem at the second exercise from advanced training, i tried everything at the Click Selector, it just doesn t work, does someone have any ideea? A little help pls :smiley:

i used this argument in the selector’" + in_TransactionItem + "’ , it doesen t work either.

I found some topics about this but it didn t help, i m still having the same error!

Are you taking about page numbers selector??
If yes then
Try this

webctrl aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’ tag=‘A’ /

I can t use the in_TransactionNumber.ToString because i used that in Get Transaction Data, and if i use it in the Process it says that is not declared, i tried it already.

You can create argument in process and pass value where you invoke

It s processing Transaction nr 1 and 2 and then i get the same error “message”: "Click ‘SPAN’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "but i did put the in argument in the selector…i just don t understand :frowning:

Share screenshot please

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Share you code file In ZIP
Share the Screenshot of the selector activity

I managed to resolve that :smiley: just did some changes in my selector for the click activity, thank you guys anyway :wink:

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