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i have an html table like the one below.
in one column I have all the radio buttons, in the other column the values ​​to check.
how can i click the radio button, if the value next to it appears in a given starting list?
thank you


@alessandro.rocco Can you explain it a bit more in Detail as to what is the actual scenario.

Also You can check the Selectors of the radio buttons and check if it’s attributes contains the value which you need. In that way we may be able to Edit the Selector and make the Click on the right element.

But we would have to Look at the Selectors of the radio button using UiExplorer. Send a Screenshot of it as well.

@supermanPunch thank you,
I have a list with various values ​​to check, if one of these values ​​is present in the right column, I have to select the corresponding radio button on the same row.
this is the screen of the radio button

and this is the cell of the value to find

@alessandro.rocco So the List that you have, Will it contain the exact value as it is in the radio button? Also have you tried Data Scraping the Values ?

Will there always be only one element in the radio buttons and the List that is matching ?

the list contain the value contained in the cell on the right in our example “NONFIS01R61E508Z”

@alessandro.rocco Yes But there will be other values along with it in the list right ?
We can make a Data Scrape of the Table containing the values and checking if we are able to get the values from the Radio buttons.

If we get the values in it, then we can Check within the table what value matches the one in list.

Then use that value in Click Activity to select that particular radio button

i have done the scraping but is unclear at all.
test.xlsx (9.5 KB)

@alessandro.rocco Are you sure you have indicated the right cell ? Can you maybe show a Screenshot of the Table in the website that you have Scraped?

i’ve covered the name, but this is the table

@alessandro.rocco While data Scraping, did you indicate the values in Sogetto Column only? Also Click NO when the Option “Do you like to extract the data from the whole table?” appears. In this way you can get only the Sogetto Column values, then If the values are properly extracted we van perform a comparison with your list and the extracted values

@supermanPunch i try to data scraping the column without the Option “Do you like to extract the data from the whole table?”, but always appear this error "Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "
have you got some other suggestion?

thanks for your patience

@alessandro.rocco While Indicating that column in Data Scraping, were you able to see the extracted data in the Preview ?

no sorry

@supermanPunch i’ve done. for sure this is not the most refined solution, but it works.
thanks again

Main.xaml (11.0 KB)

@alessandro.rocco Ok. As I have seen the workflow, looks like it is proper. As there are not many radio buttons present in that portal, your solution should be efficient enough. Good Going :smiley: