I have data table and if column 3 value match with input value, then the same row radio button to click exist in 01st coulmn


Hi ,

I have data table that was scarped from web page, Now i need to compare the 3rd column value with input value, and which row matches then that particular row radio button to click which exist on 01st column.

I check with few things as below,

i do for each on the data table and then, using IF condition i am checking 3rd column value with the input value one by one. but could not click the radio button on the matches row.

Someone please help me to get this done.


Your problem should be solved using UIExplorer. The steps should be:

  1. Go to first radio button and get the selector. Copy the selector to any notepad aplication.
  2. Go to some radio buttons and check the differences. Normally you will realize that an index is going up or a html name matches some data of the row.
  3. You place a click with a variable as a selctor where the variable is a string constructed to fill the pattern you see in the previous step.

If this did not solve your problem post the selector here and we could help you find a solution.

i think this is actually explained in one of the academy tutorials so when you have some time just go there, they will explain it better.


Thanks for your reply, your steps really helped me to get it done.