How to Select the Radio button with a specific value


I’m a beginner and not sure how to do this.

Would like to select the radio button with input id=“fruit” and value starts with “Apple”

Sample HTML:
<input name="fruit" id="fruit" type="radio" value="Apple;Banana">
<input name="fruit" id="fruit" type="radio" value="Orange">

Expected result is it will select first item.

What is the appropriate control to use here and how to do this in UI Path?

Thanks in advance

Edit: Removed “checked” property in sample HTML to avoid confusion in requirement. :slight_smile:

Use click activity you most probably your selector has idx value as 1,2,… an so on. Pass the value to idx attribute according to select the radio button.
or if you just wants to know which button is checked or not then use get attribute to check the status of it.

Hi ddpadil,

Tried your suggestion on Click control and noticed that idx property of a number.

But I would like to select the radio button where value STARTS WITH some string as opposed to a number.

Is there a way to do this?

Any suggestion?

If its aaname then pass the variable directly to it.

Thanks ddpadil.

As mentioned, I would like to use the criteria:
input value STARTS WITH “Apple”

I’m new with UIPath. Any sample you can provide would be appreciated.


hi @uipath_test,

could you give me the web page for testing?

Hoang Anh.

Hey, I have a doubt. Please help.

Lets say I am having 10 lists with radio buttons on the list. I have the list in excel and I looped it. For each item in that loop I have to click the corresponding radio button. It can be anywhere like firstone,3rd or last.

Basically I have to click the radio button corresponding to a word relative to it.