Regarding choice of activity

My system generate two pop up messages not same time
sometimes it show message 1 and sometime show pop message 2

so i have used two elementexist acitivities and in to if wrote message1 or message 2(message are boolean value)

but into true which activty good to use

Use one element exist activity for message 1 then check using if condition , If message 1 pop ups then condition will be executed or else condition will be exceuted.

Hi @Pradeep_Gawade,
Use the parallel activity provided by uipath, and put the element exist activity parallelly.

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If true it goes to THEN apart of if condition where we can either use CLICK with simulate click property enabled

CLICK IMAGE activity with amthat ok button chosen as region of image


SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as enter without any element chosen for selector

Any of these three would work for sure and all or good to go
Cheers @Pradeep_Gawade

Thank you

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Do wr have any other queries to be discussed buddy