How to click one by one in the browser list


i have list in the website… like shows in image…


i need to click one by one and get some details in list…

  1. about us
    3… contact us so on…

in the list are dynmically changed every times…

any idea helpe me…




You have to use 6 click activities! and change the selector to dynamic


HI @Shyam_Pragash

Can you share the selector and screenshot, if possible share the Link of the website

If selector has an Idx value you can check the corresponding IDX and increase the number

Idx = Count (Create a variable)


Refer to this thread for making dynamic selector



its will come more than that unable to specified list of items and comes page wise i moved to next page do it on same process…



Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. First use one click activity and indicate on about us and get the selector
    If you can see any Id - index attribute there then right click that attribute value and create a variable named counter of type string

  2. Now get outside to that click activity and surround that with a DO WHILE loop

  3. Inside the loop first use a assign activity like this

counter = “0” (if your index starts from 0 , if it’s 1 then mention as “1”)

  1. Then have the click activity you had

  2. Then use a assign activity like this

counter = (Convert.ToInt32(counter)+1).ToString

  1. In condition of DO WHILE mention as
    CInt(counter) < 5

Cheers @Shyam_Pragash

Hi @Gokul001

This is vechile tracking website…

i will get vechile details in list…

Eg. typied one vechile no… TN04AB3424

its going certiain route specified for this vechile… and multiple jobs

i have fetch details depeneding upon the jobs available in webpage.



You can try with the above thread and also @Palaniyappan Suggested


Hi @Palaniyappan

Above said methods i tried… last point your condition if value is not more 5 is correct…

i dont know the value . it comes more than 20 some times comes 150 value per page and mulitple sheet also there…

That’s completely fine

Mention the maximum ideal number in that condition
But inside the while loop we have that click activity ma

Surround that click activity with a try catch and if it could not find any element for that index at certain point then that exception will be caught in catch block where put a BREAK activity so that it comes out of do while loop

Cheers @Shyam_Pragash