Click on a list is clicking the wrong element


I’m using a click activity (dynamic) to select an element from a list (select item activity doesn’t identify as a list, thats why i’m using a click activity).

The list contains the elements: “01.Enero;03.Marzo;04.Abril;05.Mayo;06.Junio;07.Julio;08.Agosto;10.Octubre;11.Noviembre;12.Diciembre”

When i validate the selector, it works well. But when i run the proyect it works well until “07.Julio”, for the next options it clicks the previous option, instead the one i want.
For example: when i want to select “11.Noviembre” it clicks on “10.Octubre”.

Someone know why is this selecting the next option when i execute this?


It’s really difficult to say without viewing the selector of the website

Also, how it is behaving, If that is a public website then provide us the URL

So that we can have a check


Captura de pantalla (31)

Is not a public website, here is a pair of screenshots of the selector and the list. Ty