Click on a field via selector,xpath,class or id

people can help me, I would like to click on an icon via, selector element, class, id, xpath whatever is safer. I can not use this field select item says it is not compatible. type into doesn’t work.

I need him to click on this icon

I would like to configure for my click go to select field, id or class.

or if there is another way for me to click on this icon and someone can share it with me, I don’t make the site available for everyone to test because it needs to be logging in with a digital certificate from the client

Hi @Camilo_Cardoso,

  1. In this field, also mark the strict selector field. (selector exato)
  2. Expand and redefine this area by pressing the three dots next to it. Make sure you have aaname in the selectors.


it didn’t work, on this site every time with that certificate it changes some things and when clicking the robot doesn’t find it.

With your experience there are other ways to select a field that is similar to select item

I just need to fill in a field according to the value of the variable, if he comes to São Paulo, he chooses the São Paulo option.