UI automation image click

I have to do “image click” on a button in a window to open a PDF. When I click the button image, the window gets closed as expected, but the PDF is not opening.

If I do the step manually, click the button image in the window, the window getting closed and PDF opening.

What could be the difference between manual click and image click to make the PDF open. There are no errors other than PDF cannot be opened error.

Hi, why are we using the Click image here? dont we have proper selectors for the button? If there are no proper selectors, also give a try with CV (Computer vision) before image activities.


First try to get the selector…second can you show some pictures if what you are saying


Thank you, @Anil_G and @Anas-p-v

This is Citrix. I do not have CV API key. So I resorted to using image automation only. Cannot provide screen shots.

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Then please check if the click is happenign properly as without info we cant help much on this


@A_Learner There is a local server package for computer vision which can be installed from Manage Packages (as normal activity) and you can use computer vision without api key. Once its installed, on the CV screen scope Activity Properties, there is an option to enable Local Server, you can just tick that and use CV activities.

Thank you, @Anas-p-v for the good information. Will look into this.

You don’t need a CV API Key, you can do it locally. Install the UiPath.ComputerVision.LocalServer dependency, and in Project Settings set “use local server” to true. Then you can do CV without a cloud connection.

Thank you, @postwick
If no cost associated with this and no approval required, then I can try using.
Is there any special instruction when deploying to the user?

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No special instructions when deploying. It’s just a package/dependency like any other, and the “use local server” setting goes with the project when deployed. Note that if you’re on classic and using the CV Screen Scope and related activities, you should switch to modern because the modern activities have CV built into selectors (there aren’t separate activities). This assumes you are not on an old version of Studio.

Thank you, @postwick
Tried to install. For some reason, it would not let me. But this probably is the solution.

Thanks every one.