Click Image is not Working


I am working on SAP automation, There is place where i need to click Left& shift button on the screen. My Click Activity is not working so i used click image for alternative. Even it is failing, Is there any alternative for click image.

Hi @Chaitan

Is the SAP image a standard SAP control ? Or something else…

  1. First make sure sap scripting is enabled

If not then you can request sap team to enable the scripting for your user

@Pravin_Patil1 , what do you mean by enabling SAP Scripting?
is there any entry change in server side like Auto=True ?

Please show some more light…

Hi Pravin,

I was not getting selector for that particular part rest of elements i was getting. The only option i have is click image is any other alternative for click image if there are no selectors and i can’t do either with keyboard short cuts