Unable to click export icon in SAP

I am trying to export the file from SAP to excel but Click, Click Image are failing because they are selecting whole window instead of that icon , even shortcut are also failing for the T-code. can anyone suggest something

try to capture the Icon using Click image activity

not working , it was unable to fine icon instead its selecting whole screen

can you check that SAP scripting is configured?


You can use click image activity - and you can capture the exact selector holding the left click button on your mouse

its working fine in Studio but when i tried to run it unattended it failed there

values are true

please reformulate, feedback is not clear

also at this machine?

all the other process are running in sap this particular workflow to export excel is failing

can you elaborate please

@sunain_chahar can you verify if the data is loading is properly in the screen by the time Bot trying to click on export as generally as per my automation exp with SAP, Export button will be grey until data is loaded and ready to export.

Try adding some delay and try Click image.