Click Image 'excel.exe Go To': Image not found


I have a workflow that is running really smoothly from Studio, but when published to Orchestrator crashes with error “Image not found” when trying to click on some Excel submenus that unfortunately are seen as a unique box by Studio, so I was forced to use click on image to click on specific elements.

How can I overcome this problem when publishing to Orchestrator and avoid it in the future?

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HI @franz.verga

What process are you doing in the excel ?

You can try with macros instead of using clicks

Or you can use normal click activities


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

I am using Go To Special, in order to locate blanks and eliminate blank lines…

I can reach the Go To Special from the menu, but then the Go To Special window is seen as a unique box by Studio, this is why I need the click on image…

I know that is something related to the different screen resolution between my developing machine and the one used by Orchestrator, but I don’t know yet how to fix it…


Hello @franz.verga

Does that mean you need to remove the blank rows in the excel sheet?