Click image error on Orchestrator

I’m facing an issue with click image activity in Uipath, I’ve tried several solutions (like using achor base, parallel activity, delay, change display resolution, ecc) but nothing seems to work.
When I execute in Run it works perfectly fine and the BOT correctly click to the button, but when I execute in Orchestrator it always throw an error “Image not found”.

The problem is that I could use only the click image activity because the botton( a SAP “magnifying glass” button as you can see from the attached image) is not identified by any type of selector and it appears only if I do before a click to the bar.

The same error I have it with the same activity (so a click image activity but this time in another button (Capture)

Someone could help me with this issue please?

Thank You!

May be you can use click activity on that particular column and set the position as right

Hello @aicha.chenoui

So after Typing the value do you need to click on that search button?
Instead of that you can enter the values and use the keypress{Enter}. To do that, in the type activity you can click on the + button and choose the key.

Also if you still need to continue with clicking on search button, check the selector and tag to a proper anchor. You can use modern click actiivty.

Hi @aicha.chenoui,

Since SAP transaction screens are very stable, you can also use a send hot key.

The problem here may be speedrunning. In front of you, the robots work slower than the orchestrator, here it may be trying to operate before the relevant field is activated.

Set up a small demo and just click on this area, version it continuously and try it on orchestrator. It will be a bit tiring, but you can solve it by trying a problem that can have many causes.