Click image click the same image twice

Hi all,

I have 2 “Expand details” buttons in Salesforce application with the same image on it.I couldn’t find reliable selectors.So I am using "Click image " activity to click them once each to expand iFrames related to those 2 buttons and then it will show up a scroll bar inside the iframes. The problem is I decreased the accuracy of the Click image and it sometimes performs the 2 clicks on the same button rather than once on each. Is there any fix for this?


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can you share the screenshot. Because this can be achieved through the anchor base activity

Yoy only have to use the anchor option.

Hi buddy @Asiri
Actually this can be handled by two different ways… first with the typical method u used…
Fine, hope you are using two different click image Activities along the workflow…
Then make sure that each click makes a selection of different images, like each expand symbol will have a different unique term next to the expand symbol in salesforce…so that should be selected as image…and
Once after selecting them make sure the both Activities are enabled with property sendwindowmessage

Then we can try with a anchor base like this
First use a click Activity and make the first expansion…then use ANCHOR BASE Activity with find image on left side of the activity as anchor, with a unique term that occurs before or above the term or symbol that we are going to expand…and then in the left wr can use a click image Activity to click on the image

Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Asiri

I would avoid image clicks if all possible.

If the elements are on the same row of other values that do have reliable selectors, then try to get the tableRow attribute using Get Attribute, then concatenate that in the click selector’s tableRow attribute.

You can also consider the Find Children, but it’s more complicated to explain, because you will need to filter or use conditions to find the correct element to click.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Anchor Base, but it does have a purpose occasionally.

To know for sure what the best option is, I would need to see more of the application and selectors with attributes available. Like I said, though, if the elements are on a row inside a table, then this can be done using selectors.