Click button

Hi, I want the bot to check if the first button that is highlighted blue has already been clicked then it should do nothing but if the second one was highlighted and clicked,let it click on the first button. Here click activity couldn’t click on the button, rather click image worked but it doesn’t have selectors to enable me write the if conditio. Please is there a better way of doing and performing the task. Here is the button below


Try using “Image exists” activity after your clicking part , and its output will be boolean and you can implement “IF CONDITION” in this case.

The two images are identical, it requires selectors to differentiate the image but click image activity doesn’t have selectors, how do I handle it then

Hi stanstilo,

Try to use Anchor Base activity to find a target element.

I want to set the condition if the image has already been clicked, do nothing else click on the image, not with if the image exist rather if the image has been clicked please how do I acheive that?

is anything changing after u click ?