Same image click

Hi everyone,

So on a web page, there is a set of identical image that I need to click on all of them.

I used find children activity but cannot find the selector.

Here is the selector of the image

Any help ?


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As you can see tableRow is 2, which means it will always click on the SAME image until tableRow changes to 3, 4 so on.
You can use a dynamic selector to Change the tableRow automatically every time using a do-while loop activity.

Any workflow proposal please?

Will share a XAML file in a moment

Below is an example of dynamic selector workflow

ClickOnImage.xaml (6.4 KB) Check the XAML file for your reference

thanks a lot but it does not click on it.

Actually the initial tablerow = 2 . Ichanged +1 by + 2 but nothing happens

please provide me a screenshot of selector of Image 3

Here it is

Don’t change it to Changed+2 it must be Change+1