Click image activity clicking wrong image

I have a click image activity which is clicking an arrow to show a drop down list. But here the problem is I have same size arrow 3 place in the screen. and it is clicking to the arrow which I don’t want. How can we set the activity to click on the particular arrow where we want to click?

for me I want to click on the yellow marked arrow.

Note : Dropdown and Click activity will not work with this


One solution is you can use shortcut keys.

Second solution you can use Anchor base to make your selector dynamic.

In this case you should not click the arrow itself but relative to the icon by defining cursor position offset.


Hi @thoufyashraf,

That may be because there are two matches in your image region. If your variable is
IEnumerable<UiElement> then you want to check which element is being detected and clicked on and choose the right element from the IEnumerable<UiElement> variable.

If this is not the case, try @J0ska’s suggestion of using an offset property for clicking, but also ensure you use hover activity just before the click activity.

But why use a hover?

The click image activity sometimes can be really quick and if your cursor is farther away from the target / offset UiPath will just click first before moving the cursor to the correct position. Using a delay is not a good way of handling such failures so a hover activity before the click is a robust way to click on images.

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I Tried the offset to bottom left, top left, top right but the click is not at all happening and error also not showing. how can i finds the X,Y axis to enter the offset manually in offset X and offset Y?

I cannot click on the icon. clicking the icon will not drop the list. so i have to click exactly on the arrow.

Shortcut will not work in this case.

let me try anchor base and update you.

You will not click the icon indeed. But relative to the icon which will act as an anchor.

The most easy way is to use Image Recording to determine propper x,y offset.


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Got the idea… it works…

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