Click first occurrence of variable

I have a process that the correct ui element to click, but it fails when there is a duplicate name in another UI element with the same position in the other table on the same screen (tableRow=2). There does not appear to be any other unique identifiers to differentiate the two such as idx or table names.

Is there a way to select the first occurance of my variable?

Hi @jdlee

Sharing the generated selector/s would help.

Completed and Pending Policy Transaction seems a different table, you may check on selector tree to differentiate the two tables.

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You might find RowNo in selectors, which will help you to click on first Renewal.

If that doesn’t work, try data scraping where u can scrap whole table and since Renewal is hyperlink, who will get it’s link. So from extracted table you can get Renewal link in first row and directly navigate.