Click first occurrence of variable

I have a process that the correct ui element to click, but it fails when there is a duplicate name in another UI element with the same position in the other table on the same screen (tableRow=2). There does not appear to be any other unique identifiers to differentiate the two such as idx or table names.

Is there a way to select the first occurance of my variable?

Hi @jdlee

Sharing the generated selector/s would help.

Completed and Pending Policy Transaction seems a different table, you may check on selector tree to differentiate the two tables.

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You might find RowNo in selectors, which will help you to click on first Renewal.

If that doesn’t work, try data scraping where u can scrap whole table and since Renewal is hyperlink, who will get it’s link. So from extracted table you can get Renewal link in first row and directly navigate.

Im surprised that UIPath does not allow you to just place all matching elements in an array. They have a find element, but there should be a find element(s) too. Then I can just loop through the elements and apply my analytics/operations. Perhaps I missed it?


for this we do have find children

and in modern:

But the original topic case is different so lets keep it clean. Feel free to open a seperate topic when you want to discussion further