Find UI Element after it appears based on text

Hello all - I want to select a UI element after it appears after I click a plus sign (picture below), but I want to base it on text that appears to the right of the plus sign and don’t want to indicate it on the screen. (hundreds of items appear after I click the plus sign)


I tried to add the uipath.core.activities package and use find relative element as I know what the name of the item is but I could not find the package to add. I want to loop through a list of items based on the name so I don’t want to click each one. I could not find the core.activities and I think I read that the package split into UIAutomation and System, but I can’t find a new activity to do what I want. Any help is greatly appreciated.

UiPath community 20.6 beta-9.3

Hy @Patrick_G, welcome to the UiPath Community.

Click on one text item and check the selector, the point is to convert one constat to variable.
Click on the selector text, right click, and them choose variable.

Give it a try and let me know if it works


Thanks @William_Blech_Sister ! So this is what I see after I click on a UI item, I only see edit target so I click that, and then I see this

(had to use my phone because I could not figure out how to get snipping tool to get that shot) But I cannot right click anywhere to add a variable, or figure out where I could specify a variable.

Hy @Patrick_G,

Select the text ‘Name again’ and right click the mouse, does something appears?

@William_Blech_Sister nothing happens when I right click, I tried highlighting the text as well

Hy @Patrick_G,

In UiPath Studio there is this option, I thought there would be in Studio X also.
Try to write somethig like that in your selector, put the variable on it:


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@William_Blech_Sister I think you are correct to use the functionality to right click and add a variable but that option would not show up for me for whatever reason. What I found is you can set a field or whatever to a variable using double curly brackets.

i.e. instead of aaname=‘Another Name’
type aaname=’{{VariableName}}’

but you have to declare the variable and default value in UiPath studio first or it will throw an error. I also suggest using selector over fuzzy selector for this task.

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