Click_Down + Hover get stuck

Hello. Im trying to drag and drop a button but the click activity with Click_down setting gets stuck unless i move the cursor.
Any way to avoid this?
thank u in advance

@mo.carrasco is this article helpful? How To Automate 'Drag And Drop'

Hello @gheorghestan , thank you for your reply.
Ive tried that yes with a variety of settings and it still doesnt work only in my application.
If i try it in windows application it does work tho, even without the hover part

@mo.carrasco may I suggest using CursorMotionType = Smooth for the Hover activity?

Already did that too, doesnt work

@mo.carrasco What does it mean that the click activity with CLICK_DOWN gets stuck? Can you please provide some details? The Click activity isn’t executed and it doesn’t move to the next activity?
Can you provide a workflow or the selector you are using for the Click activity?
Also, when you are moving the cursor, is the click activity failing, or does the workflow finish successfully?

Greetings @Alexandru_Caba thank you for your reply.

  1. When the click_down activity is executed, it clicks the element and holds it down, then it finishes the activity execution and goes to the next activity (i know because i placed a log in between and it displays normally).
  2. When going to the next activity (Hover or click_down) the activity doesnt execute and the cursor gets stuck in clicked down element.
  3. If i move the mouse manually, the next activity takes over and (hover and/or click_up) executes normally.

Click down selector (omitted the ><):
wnd app=‘markeditor.exe’ cls=‘HwndWrapper*’ title=‘マークエディタ - test22 [Global]’ /
ctrl idx=‘18’ role=‘push button’ /

Click up selector:
wnd app=‘markeditor.exe’ cls=‘HwndWrapper*’ title=‘マークエディタ - test22 [Global]’ /
ctrl role=‘pane’ /

smooth is off as it makes not difference

This looks pretty strange. What error do you receive if you leave the workflow running without intervention?

I would suspect the click-up selector isn’t valid while click down is pressed, you can check this using UiExplorer while the workflow is running and click down is pressed.

What about trying something as silly as sendhotkey escape key after the click down?

Hi. We are facing the same issue. Did you find a solution for it?

Hi all, I have also experienced the same issue, I seek to click an item on a page, then drag and drop onto another area on the page.

I have the following resources:
(1) Click ~ to select the checkbox item
(2) Click and hold ~ to click and hold the item
(3) Hover ~ to drag the item to another area of the page
(4) Click (down) ~ click down to keep the item holding at the new area of the page
(5) Click (up) ~ to release the item at the new area of the page.

During execution, the process is STUCK in between (2)-(3) for minutes… unless I personally (as human intervention) move the mouse, then the rest of the steps proceeds automatically by the robot.

Appreciate an actual solution.


We found a very simple solution for it. :slight_smile:

If you change to modern design experience you will find an activity for this. (Search for drag and drop)

Thanks Kjetil. But no joy alas.

My Uipath version is “Studio 2020.10.6 Enterprise License Window Installer”. I was using UiPathstudioX when I first posted, inside studioX there is no “modern design” selection available.

And after your kind reply I switched to UiPathStudio_, the Settings / Design / Design Style / “use modern for new projects” was always set to “yes” so I am already using it. But unfortunately I cannot find any drag and drop activity/resources.

This is why I had to resort to searching youtube for work-arounds such as the clicking. Thanks!

Hi Kjetil, we’ve managed to find a workaround by avoiding the drag-drop function altogether within SAP. We basically rewrote the robot to press a button that achieves the same thing as a human doing the drag-drop movement; that’s something the uipath bot can do.

Thanks again!