Dynamic click using selector

I have 2 click activity when 2 different selector cause the app is always changing. I want to create a logic that will check for click 1 if click 1 is valid then proceed. If click 1 is invalid then proceed on the click 2. Should I use a try catch for that ? any idea?

any idea?


You will have to Element Exists Activity to check after clicking on first click, it would be like as below,
// Take Click activity, if valid, it will take us next page, so take any ui element(like title or symbol etc) from desired page.
// Take Element Exists activity, capture ui element selector from desired page. here is things after clicking on one link, if it’s not valid element exists returns true or false and use IF activity to perform validations, then it will go to else block and take click activity inside else block and capture second link selector.

I’m sorry to not finding other way to explain this. please follow above steps you’ll succeed.

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