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I am trying to use Click activity in a web application, there is a continue button, but the issue is it is getting highlighted corrected but click is not happening most of the times. I tried Click Image also, same issue there also.
Sometimes it clicks and sometimes not… Any idea why it is happening?

hi @Rinku_Mohanan

Try setting anchor for making sure the click is working and
on click properties put in double click!!!

Hope this helps

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To isolate cause of problem, can you try put Delay activity (2 or 3 sec) before Click activity?
If it solves by the above, you need to click after it’s checked the button is enabled or use retry scope which enables to retry even if it fails.


Hi @Rinku_Mohanan :wave:

@Shubham_Varshney is right! You could use an anchor base to perform the click or you could try tweaking the selectors.

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hi @Rinku_Mohanan

Can you change the properties of click activity,
Wait for Ready to “Complete”
you can try simulate click and give some delay for click and mouse click on BTN_middle.


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Thanks everyone for all the suggestions !! I tried Anchor base and it worked for me. Thank you Shubham.


Hi @Rinku_Mohanan

Can you please mark my reply as solution!!!


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