Click activity doesnt stop when i specific continue on error = false

I have selected continue on error = false , true and nothing and my process has a click activity even its not click it goes and find another activity seems like it never actualy clicked by it assumed click was made and cant use image exist for each and every click

Hi @apurvalost

You can use an delay between your click activities, it is not the best approach but it gives you an workaround to your issue. Also, you can set the WaitForReady property to Complete.


Andres Tarazona

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I have multiple clicks , if it continues for next activity then it doesnt throw error instead it use some unfiltered / bad data for process which is kind of risky deal so need to have a better solution

Is the click performed on a browser or an desktop app?

One is browser where click after couple of tries not sure why never happens same on desktop