Click Button in Data Table with Next Button

Hey there,

I extract a data table and for each row in data table I click with dynamic selectors on the button to download a file.

I extracted the data table with a “next button”.

Is there a way the process clicks automatically the next button to download the files from the next table page?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Katarina,

Use a loop and animate the next button with the index of the loop.

  1. Define an index for the loop. It will increase starting from 0.
  2. Create a mode as much as your number of pages, take into account that the index starts from 0 here, you can +1 depending on the situation.
  3. Click the Next button.If there is no next button, if you only need to click on the numbers, you can still calculate with the index and the number of rows in the page.


You can also try this case, but the URL should contain meaningful alternatives. If there is a long URL that could change, you may need to fix it later.


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if page number is mention then you can make dynamic on page number
you can passthe counter in slector of click activity


We can extract the URL’S From the page…

No need to click the buttons…

Just we need to navigate to that particular URL’S we can get the files…

If possible could you please show us the input data…


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Thanks guys!

I count the rows and as soon the last row is reached I click the next button:)

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