How to go next page if no next page link



This is my first post and query problem is very simple but I am yet to find solution. Pardon me if it has been asked and solved earlier.

Query:- I have a page with table having multiple pages now issue is it doesnot have link of NEXT page

pagination look likes:-

issue is I cannot scrap it page wise.

can someone tell me how to go about it?

thanks for help

Web data scrapping if Next link is not available

that looks like a html table on the page.
If that is so, you could use the following selector possibly:

<html title='your title'/>
<webctrl tag='table' id='some unique identifier to the table'/>
<webctrl tag='td' idx='" & intPageNumber & "'/>

where intPageNumber could have values from 1 through 10 and further.

This is just a hint for you to develop dynamic selectors. you’ll probably have to study the application before building a similar one that fits your need.

Please message me if you need more help and share the page source.


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But here we dont know how many times we need to run that loop to increment “intPageNumber” variable…

So if max page num is available on same page we can scrap that number and can run that loop for that many times if not available ,we need to scrap for each and every 10 pages then we need to run the loop…

Mentioning, since it may be useful to go ahead…::slight_smile:


If you are looking to hire a professional automation engineer, you could post a description of what you want to do in the Jobs section of the forum. Good luck!

No next button, only link numbers

thanks for tip shared my project


If anyone ever comes to this page again, I thought I would give my solution.

I ran a “Do- While” loop that extracts the data to a datatable, then inside of a try-catch I had it click the next page number (using an int that started with 2 and incremented at the end of each loop). The catch part of this “try-catch” was a Boolean that stopped the Do-While.

A tip I learned is that you don’t need to merge datatables or anything, you can simply extract to the same data table over and over and it will simply add to the datatable. This is assuming that each page has the same structure.


how you are able to get the value, for the number of page numbers. In my case, the page numbers aren’t fixed.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Akhi, Hope you are well. I am facing exactly the same problem. I tried using web scrapping but it is just staying on the same page and isn’t extracting data from next pages. Can you please look into it and suggest me appropriate solution. I am attaching the link for the website, from i want to extract data.

Many tanks in advance


Hey mate,

Can you please share your solution if possible. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you