Click based on the big print box

hi team,
i have a challenge here … i have to click on the big print box… if big print box is available in the initial eval(Payer) and i dont see big print box sometime …
finally i have to click on the bigger print box


You can use normal click activity if you are able to identify and indicate on individual element

Keep that CLICK activity inside a TRY CATCH activity so that if that click fails as bigger box is not there it goes to CATCH block
There u can have another click activity to click on smaller print box button
So the exception will be caught and handled again

Hope this helps

Cheers @Nikhil_Katta

I’d only use this as a last resort…

A cleaner approach would be to use ‘element exits’ in classic or ‘check app state’ in modern to validate the existence on either image, or button (whichever is relevant here). And use that output to base your clicks on.

Using try catch for this deliberately generates system errors to provide straightforward logic. It’ll work, but it’s far from clean coding.