Try catch activity help

Hi… I’m trying to using the Try Catch activity within For each row activity… if image of the web page is matches the activity … try catch should catch it and should terminate the flow… can someone help… as I’m new to Uipath… the try catch is not catching and it is progressing to next step
Flowchart_Download IPPF Reports.xaml (20.4 KB)

Hi @mbsatya

Check Attached

Flowchart_Download IPPF Reports.xaml (22.6 KB)

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Hi Srinivas,

Sorry it didn’t work. It just moved to next activity… though the image was there


Instead of using Image Exists why don’t you use Element Exists, that will be the good for this automation i believe

Hope this helps


Hi Srinivas,… I tried… but it is returning as image… the bot is not able to identify any element… hence I used image exist activity


remove the Try Catch, and run the sequence, if any error you are facing, please share that screenshot, that will help to identify the problem


I’m creating a work around for three situations
when the website is launch… it ask the user to provide the login details
2) the web site doesn’t respond
3) the website ask for authentication… instead of using the nested if… I wanted to use try catch… both I think my logic is incorrect… as the try catch is used when the there is a error here I’m trying to terminate the workflow if the image of website not loading appears… is there a better way to handle this?