Click activity with clipping region vs click image, which one is better?

I wanted to click an UI element that are not able to select via click activity as it will select the whole container.

Currently, I thinking about 2 option. But I do not sure which one is better. Thus, I wanted to seek for other’s opinions.

  1. Click image
    2.Clcik activity - select the whole container and used the clipping region to identify the location.

Which one is better to use and cause less problem after the workflow publish?

Need to be take note about what when using the specific activity (option 1, option2)

Thank you

Hi @poppadom - I guess click image would be better since it always looks for an image with the user defined accuracy

→ Click activity with clipping region might fail if the layout of the page or co-ordinates of the UI element changes

Do you have any example/scenario that need to change the click image’s accuracy?
This is because I scare that it click the wrong ui element when I changed the accuracy.

@poppadom - Have a look on the below link that has an example as well

Hi @ushu

You try with Find Text Position Activity. Create an Output Variable


Use Click activity


Hi @poppadom ,

You can try Computer Vision activities if Normal UI Click activities are not working.


I think I will just use the click image activity.
Because image instead of clipping region

  • Click image is easier to identify the ui element than clipping region. Easier for future maintenance or improvement.

2.find text position

  • It have several ui element that are unable to click, and this will make my workflow longer.

3.Computer Vision activity

  • My uipth studio is not connected to cloud, thus, currently i am not able to use it.

Thank you.

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