Click activity problem

hi to all

I am using the click activity in sap, when i press f4 one popup will come in that i have to chose on option
but it is selecting whole pop window. suggest me what i can do for that.

Hi @Harish_pavuluri,

Please try to F3 or F4 changes will effect for select region for indicate on screen

Omkar P

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take a look in to screenshot. i want to select (DAILYSALESREG Daily Sales Register - Common)
line but it is selecting window.

F3 region is not working?

Try F2 delay put mouse over daily sales reg

mouse over selecting same.

F4 press continues observe difference your screen shot is showing default below are the options

Sorry forgot about f4 see the given screen shots
when i selecting that block showing in screen its fin.

if any option i am selecting it taking whole screen like this.

Did you try to update the package and try ? Try to update this package automation UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities and check if this selections are wroking .

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Thanks for your reply its already updated.

Harish still no luck for F4

@ reddy


not only click activity if type into activity also doing same thing.

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