Click activity not working in the second loop

I’m creating a workflow to relist items on a marketplace. Process flow below:

  1. Open website
  2. Extract a table
  3. Loop through the database and click ‘Relist’ button (it redirects to another page)
  4. Fill out additional information and finish listing

In For Each, the first iteration works perfectly. However, it won’t click the ‘Relist’ button in the second loop…

‘Relist’ the target is the same throughout the table. Can anyone check this workflow and help me click on the correct Relist in the correct row?

You could use For Each UI Element and CTRL Click each button (so the new page opens in a new window). Anyway, what you need to do is use the tableRow attribute in your selector for the Relist button, and make it dynamic so that it takes row 2 the first time, row 3 the second time, etc.


As suggested please use for eqch ui element activity…that should solve the issue


Hi @anna100

Can you please show the selector using for Relist click activity.

If you compare both ReList click activity selectors and make it dynamic by-passing variable or counter to the selector.