Type Into Activity not working with Acrobat Reader DC 64-bit form

Our solution used to run on a VM that had Adobe Reader 32-bit form being populated with the “Type Into” activity. However, once the VM had the Adobe Reader updated to the 64-bit version, the indication of the fields were no longer possible (the whole page would select).
After some research I’ve found this documentation:

It helps to get the indication of each individual acrobat form field working temporally but once the file is closed it not longer works, that is, if the bot opens the file and tries to fill the form field using “Type Into”, it fails.

Please let me know if there is a solution or method to work with pdf forms using the Adobe Reader DC 64-bit. The goal is a to open a pdf form, fill out the form fields using “Type Into” activity and save the file.

Thank you in advance.

You may want to try opening the file in chrome instead. The selectors may be much more reliable. You should also try using send hotkey to type the tab key for navigation, instead of getting selectors of every form field. May be too complicated that way.

One quick check: Have you attempted to try one of the other UiFrameworks when using the type into activity? I believe if you click “indicate on screen” for type into, and then hit the f4 key it will toggle between frameworks. Sometimes that can help with selector issues like this.

Chrome has the same issue of not allowing individual fields to be selected. Thanks.

I’ve tried the F4, same problem. Thanks.