Click activity not working in application knime


I build an automation in Knime to export the workflows.

Knime = data analytics, reporting and integration platform

It should open Knime, enter the right workspace and then click on “File” to export the workflows.
After Knime is started a popup window is shown where you have to choose the workspace.

Afterwards the application is loading so I added a delay to wait until the application is loaded.

The delay is long enough so the application is fully loaded until the delay is finished. After that it should click on “File”.

But it doesn’t click. It could not find the UiElement, but the page is fully loaded, it should find it.

Please help. Thanks.

Please use a “Click Image” opposed to a click activity, this does not rely as heavily on selectors and can pick up the image from the screen instead


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Instead of Delay you can use On element appear activity to make things robust, also for Click try using click image or try with hot keys if that is working on the pop up.


It is working with “Click Image” activity. Thank youu

On element appear didn’t work, but I tried with “click image” and now it is working. Thankss

Can you please mark my reply as the solution, thank you

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