Click activity not work

Hi Click activity not work to click on button not in single time

then I try hot key its work fine 8-9 records after this I got error as mention in screen shot

Hi @Aditya10989,
Seems that you selector is not “universal” and not fits to the button after another run. You need to make it more universal. More info here (check all sites related to selectors topic):

Other way is to use Computer Vision package and it’s CV Click activity.

hi @Aditya10989

Can you check the selectors based on parentid check whether it is dynamic or some other property

@AshwinS2 means sorry did not understand

hi @Aditya10989

In the selector check the parentiid of various records is the number been changed or not

Ashwin S

this is not changed if the page size is large not cover in screen to click on claim button scroll the page this can also effect the not able to click on claim close.

Look at your very first screen in this topic and compare it to this selector you showed now. Those are completely different.

@Pablito its only difference the parent id.I did not select the parent id in can I remove this…??


Hi @Aditya10989
Without the parent id ensure the selector is working fine

Ashwin S

You should check out the Academy and do the Level 1 - Foundation training. There is everything explained including selectors. It’s one of the basic thing which should be known before starting the journey with RPA.

yes first 8 record its work fine I am attaching you attachment by using break point select selector

it work fine