Click activity not able to identify UiElement

I am using click activity to click on the Home button.
But Not able to select the Uielement of Home.

Instead it is selecting the complete element not the Home.


Can you try changing the ui framework in UI Explorer and check

Alternately you can construct the selector by inspecting the element in browser


Hello @Sudarshan_Bhikane

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If you inspecting from click activity press F4 and try to change the framework and check it once.

Else use uiexplorer and change the frame from it and indicate on the element.



Try with modern activities it will work


Still not working even after changing the framework.

If you are using the modern designer, can you try to use App/Web recorder and record the click action.


Thanks Rahul.
By using modern activity it is working.

Thanks Varunk!
Its Working.

Good to hear the issue is resolved.


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