Click activity not able to apply filters


I need to select a custom filter option in an app which then presents a list of items as output. the click activity is clicking on the filter but the filters are not getting applied. Manually the same activity gives me the desired result.

Please help!!

Hi @Archana_Y ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath community.

There are some things to check.

UiPath executes actions faster than the application can respond, leading to missed actions or incomplete executions. You can add delays or use activities like “Wait for Element” to ensure the filter options load completely before applying the click activity.

Adjusting or making the selectors more dynamic might resolve this.


Hi Pratik,

Added delays and also tried with simulate click and send window message activity but its not working. Looks like it is clicking on the option and the filter seems to be there but it is not invoking any filter action

If you are selecting something from dropdown,
You can firstly use a variable in the selector as it maybe dynamic. And also use anchor for the particular click portion.


same issue again and again pratik

Can you share some screenshots please.