Type of Activity to see filter icon

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I am new to UiPath and RPA.

We are trying to automate our manual tasks in RSA Archer tool using UiPath. I want to search for a application name in my RSA Archer webform using activities present in Uipath. I have attached a screenshot where it contains a filter option which displays when we place our cursor on Name. I tried using Click activity to select the filter option but it’s not displaying. Can anyone of you let me know what is the type of activity to be used.Filter Option


Hi @bharathkumar.yerra ,

Please try to create an anchor-based selector with respect to the field and try to use default click instead of simulate click.

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Hi @bharathkumar.yerra

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Please refer the below link for Anchor activity.


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Hi Sudheer ,

Basically that filter option appears when we place our cursor on Name, but when i select find element activity and place cursor on it am unable to see filter option. For your information our tool uses Silverlight.


Try to use Hover activity on Name field and click Filter image using simulate click