Selector may cause delay for Click/T ype Into Activity

Hello everyone,
I have a very interesting case in my project.

I have to work with a browser, search for in item in the search bar and then click on it.
All selectors are validated, the element that I have to click on is found immediately (I checked that already) BUT the click activity takes time… It is the same with one of my Type Into activities.
I tried many things, however didn’t manage to fix it.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Appreciate it

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova

  • Try with simulate input method, or simulate property enabled
  • Try putting a 0 in the TimeOut property
  • Try putting cursor motion type to Instant
  • Make sure to set the wait for page load property to Complete
  • For type into activity, try to put the delay between keys to 0 also the TimeOut

Hope one of the above options helps


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@fernando_zuluaga Thank you for the fast reply!
I have tried all of the above, same result.
Interesting part is that it happens for some items not for all.