Selectors inside inspect element stopped working after new chrome update

Hi, bot need to perform certain steps in chrome’s inspect element. (Clicking some elements/buttons).
The bot started to face the error in clicking those elements today morning in Prod, when I ran the bot in dev, everything worked correctly, until I noticed chrome updated from 114.0.5735.91 to 113.0.5672.129.
When I tried to repair the selectors, I couldn’t even select any (Please see the below image)

Any help?


Please open ui explorer change the framework to active accessibility and then try indicating…

Mostly firsttime it might not indicate just cancel and reindicate in ui explorer and it should indicate all


Tried all 3 options in UI explorer, it’s still not working.


Did you select activt accessibility and then indicate and then re indicate the same?

Did you happen to check the visual tree?


Hi, Yes, I selected activate accessibility and tried to indicate it, still it didn’t work. (Image Below)

What do you want me to check in visual tree?


Insicate any element…and click on indicate element again and check if it works

If not …after indicating any element go to visual tree in ui explorer left top…

And expand the current element…visual tree will contain all the elements on the window…fromt here we can select the elements…to know which element it belongs to click on the orange icon on top…so that once you select a line the corresponding element is highlighted


It’s also not in the visual tree. Even searched for the name “Network”, it’s not present. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension. Looks like nothing works.


Rather than searching please expand the mode you need and then check inside that

As Even my chrome is on latest…but after upgrade I only restarted chrome and it is working as expected…so ideally it should be working

Alternately try restarting the machien and check



A quick update please try this workaround for now in the use application/browser activity


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Hi, Just contacted UiPath support and they mentioned that after recent update for Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge (from old version to114.x.x.x) the selector which contains “< wnd >” and “< ctrl >” tags have stopped working. Then this means Active Accessibility support is broken and issue is from Chrome side.

We can use --force-renderer-accessibility along with your URL or provide it as an argument to access those tags again in dev region. But the issue is, there are already running bots in production with too many processes, which contains those tags and changing the code and redeploying will take time.

As suggested by UiPath, we are now downgrading the browsers, so that we don’t loose out much time in production which will impact the business.

As a permanent solution, UiPath informed that they are working on a patch but can’t confirm the ETA at the moment.