Click activity faulted

I have logged into the browser,used the click activity but it has refused to click on a particular element and I have set the simulate click but it keeps on getting faulted, please what could be the problem

Try lower the Package version for System.activities and uiautomation.activities

Can you show the selectors in the click activity @RPA-botDev

is that click activity is placed inside a ATTACH BROWSER activity
or if its a window within a browser then is it placed withing a ATTACH WINDOW activity
kindly check that once
Cheers @RPA-botDev

Hi Palaniyappan, it’s placed inside open browser activity

If you want to perform the click as the browser opens, place it inside open browser if not, kindly put it in an attach browser activity. It would be more easier to help you, if you could share a screenshot perhaps?


enable SENDWINDOWMESSAGE property instead of SIMULATE CLICK and try once pls
Cheers @RPA-botDev

I have used sendwindowMessage option too but still faulted.

It’s a table

The last two digits id of the parent webctrl tag changes as you scroll down the div tag and the value of the last seven digits changes as you relogin or run the bot again. Please how do I make this dynamic as I have used * for those digits but it’s not working

Did you replace the entire value with * or just the part which change after scrolling or relogin?

Yea, I replaced both the part and all, still same issue