Question regarding Continue ON Error

I have a click image activity followed by a set of activities. I have given continue on error for the click image activity. I want to skip all of the followed activities if that image is not found.
I dont want to give continueonerror for each one of the rest of the activities. So how do I go forth?


Maybe use the ‘image exists’ activity. It will return a boolean, which can be provided in an if-activity. If the image exists, then perform the click and the rest of your activities. If not: don’t.

If the images does not exist, will the click not be activated?

Depends on how you program it. Both scenarios (clicked or not clicked) are achievable. As I understand you initial post, you should put your click activity inside the if-decision, on the true side.

Meaning that you seach for the image, which gives you to cases:

  1. Image exists: Click the image and perform the other activities.
  2. Image does not exist: Don’t do anything


USe Image Exist activity then check for the boolean output then go for nested loop or Conditional activities and on else use throw statement and use whole process in try catch statement .

it will work !!