New Use application / Browser is useless

Hi All,

Please help me understanding why I can’t even type something in a browser with the new use application / browser activity

Sorry guys, this creates a lot of frustration as a simple type activity now cannot be performed with this new activity which is mandatory

Please help

Hey @raool90

You can still please use classic activity in this case.


Problem solved now
I dk what was the issue, but this new activity is a bit hard to get
How can I use old activity?

You can enable classic activities by clicking project settings and then disabling the modern design. Then use the activity panel filter and tick on the classic activities to enable those. Thanks

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Hey @raool90

Kindly try the way suggested by @Thanu_Matheesha1 which will help you enable classic activities and use it in the projects.



Can you share the issue in details with the new activity?
For the TypeInto activity you need the activity in Use application / Browser scope
If you can provide the screenshot that would help the understand the issue


You can uncheck “Show Modern” and check “Show Compatibility” to show old activities.


@raool90 , the Use Browser/Application modern activity, has the role of guiding less experienced users to work within a context. If you know what you’re doing, you can always use the classic activities as explained above.
However, what is the challenge you have with the modern TypeInto activity?


Hi All,

The problem was that the type into was not happening. It was going in a loop, without triggering error, but without typing either. Very weird. Now it does not happen anymore, again weird. We can close this thread now, as the problem doesn’t exist anymore