Cleaner way to exit from ' Invoked work flow

I am looking for a cleaner way to exit from an invoked workflow. I Noticed a lot of suggestions about ‘Terminate workflow’ and Try/Catch block in the invoking code and suppress the exceptions etc.

But is there any cleaner way like in .NET C# - we can use a return statement from anywhere in the function/method and the control will be returned to the calling code.


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i think the cleanest way without using try/catch or terminate workflow is adding a flowchart and using flow decision

e.g in here the flow ends if decision = True

@satya.allamraju I guess there are no activites related to return statement that we use generally in c# or .net

  • If you want to make the bot to forcefully come out of invoked workflow then you can use Throw Activity

Yes that is the best option so far. Thanks @jack.chan But it would be nice if UiPath adds such early-exit option as an activity instead of the make shift arrangements.

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Absolutely @ushu - It would be nice if this is provided by UiPath so that the code looks tidy

Hey @satya.allamraju

The same is possible in UiPath as well.

In the .NET you will obviously return from conditional code paths like IF, Switch etc

I hope you are pointing the same.


It’s pretty easy to come out from invoke workflow. Just use throw activity inside workflow and put the “invoke workflow” activity inside Try Catch block.

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