Activity to come out of the invoked workflow

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Do we have any activity to come out of the invoked workflow like how we come out of the loops using break activity?

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There is no specific activity for that
But we can get out of a work flow invoked by keeping all the sequence inside that workflow In try block and place a THROW activity with a exception you want so that it will go to catch block and get out to next workflow

So the flow looks like

Invoke workflow activity

  • call a worklow
    —inside that workflow use a TRY CATCH activity
    —-in that try catch place all the sequence of activities in TRY block and place a throw activity wherever you want in that sequence of activities
    —if the sequence is run and once that throw get executed to will go to CATCH block and gets out of invoked workflow without any termination in execution and continues with the next workflow invoked

Hope this would help you resolve this


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Thank you. Let’s say we are actually rethrowing the exception in the catch block to skip the further processing of the transaction. In that case it might not help right?

Why not
We can keep a Boolean flag like a Boolean variable assigned as false and use that Boolean flag before processing the next transaction by keeping it in a IF condition or FLOW decision and then proceed further

Cheers @Robotman

Yes. The logic getting extended. :smiley: But having a simple activity to come out of the xaml could help. Hope we can get one such activity. :innocent:

Thank you @Palaniyappan

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