Classify Document Scope - Inteligent keyword classifier causing me exception

Hi Team,

I am creating an automation regarding documents that I want to extract.
I have defined Keyword extractor and it is working fine.
Now I want to use Intelligent Keyword Extractor.
I have used few documents for each of the document type to train the model.
Now that I run the workflow I get exception:

Classify Document Scope: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I don’t understand this completely because there is not array in the Classify Document Scope at all, and this exception started happening since I started using Intelligent Keyword Extractor.


Some value that you are trying to pass in may be a path or something is out of bound.please check the input variables in debug

And I hope your studio is not 22.10.1


It does not make sense since when I remove the Intelligent Keyword Extractor there are no exceptions :confused:
Studio is 22.10.3


In the intelligent keyword extractor I hope you have configured the fields

DId you train first using training scope?


I trained it directly in the activity it self, I didn’t use Training Scope before the Classification Scope


Please check this …it needs a preclasified words

I guess that is missing with you