Document Understanding - Classify Document Scope

My question is, how does and/or nicer operational way “Classify Document Scope” handles documents that are not within the “keywords” provided in “Manage Learning” (maybe, if than else).
It currently has a Log Message “Index was outside the bounds of the arrays. Exception Type: System.IndexOutOfRangeException”
I suppose, one way is with the use of “Try-Catch”.
Please assist and/or point to where this was discussed before, many thanks.

Hello @Alfred_PANG

If the keywords are changing then you can add keyword based classifiers and can add all the possibilities of the keywords. It will help to reduce the issues during extraction.

Also you can add different classifiers and map that to the file. Based on the Confidence level it will choose the classifier and do the classification.

Hi Rahul,
Thank you for your prompt reply. Actually, my question is about handling of exception at “Classify Document Scope”, and of which, Rakesh@youtube has provided the answer to my question. Thanks.

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