Intelligent Keyword Classifier will not load to scope

need help with document understanding. I am following a video on how to setup and I have gotten to the point on adding the intelligent keyword classifier but the “classify Document Scope” will not allow me to add it to the scope.

This is the instructional video and its at 20:50 where it dictates using the intelligent keyword classifier (works for him in the video).

I have the same package version that the instructor is using in his video as well, and this is a windows legacy project.

I could not find any helpful video on using OCR through orchestrator instead of in studio

Here is my video showing attempt

(15) UiPath Document Understanding - Invoice Data Extraction (Full Tutorial) - YouTube

Please check above mentioned link

Hi @Nathan_Betters1

There’s a bug on Studio 22.10.1 - if you upgrade Studio, you shouldn’t be facing the error anymore - would you mind trying to upgrade & let us know how it works?