Orchestrator from classic to modern

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i should perform a migration between an orchestrator instance to a new automation suite. Coming from classic folder, somewhere I had read, but can’t find where, that before migrating it was necessary to migrate from classic to folder and then onto the new environment. Are you able to share the documentation?

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Hope this helps

To understand the basic difference between classic and modern


Migration tool


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From classic to modern already provided in above comment

this is specifically for migration for automation suite



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thanks for the answers, what I meant specifically is, I need to do a migration from standalone with classic folder to automation suite 2023.4. Where is it stated that you need to migrate from classic to modern in the standalone version first and then switch everything to automation suite?


Classic folders have been deprecated…so in the nee version you wont see the classic folders at all…only modern folders are present

Please check this about depreciation



yes, that is clear.

What I wanted to know is: since the new infrastructure will only have modern folders (since classic are deprecated), is it necessary to first migrate from classic to modern on the old platform and then migrate to the new one? This information, where is this reported?

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let me help to answer you.

I recommend no need to migrate to the old platform first. you need to set it again from the beginning with proper Organize. how → https://forum.uipath.com/t/organizing-your-uipath-orchestrator-for-better-management.

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don’t upgrade the old platform, ok.

Make, on the old platform, the upgrade from classic to modern folder before migrating to the new platform, should be done, correct?

Is this process mentioned anywhere on the documentation?